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The Central Indiana Law Enforcement Training Network offers training to over 13,000 sworn law enforcement personnel throughout the State of Indiana and an estimated 765,246 total sworn law enforcement personnel nationwide.




Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Conference
presented by
Central Indiana Law Enforcement Training Network
April 10 – 11, 2019

The Inn at DePauw and Event Center
Greencastle, Indiana

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October 12, 2018 – October is National Bullying Prevention Month!  The Central Indiana Law Enforcement Training Network is a proud supporter of PACERS National Bullying Prevention Center, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mark your Calendars: Unity Day – Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Make it ORANGE and make it end!  According to Paula Goldberg, Executive Director of the National Bullying Prevention Center, ORANGE provides a powerful, visual compelling expression of solidarity, whether it’s hundreds of individuals at a school wearing ORANGE, store owners offering ORANGE products, or a community changing a landmark to ORANGE, the vibrant statement becomes a conversation starter, sending the supportive, universal message that bullying is never acceptable behavior.”